An application for sail racing enthusiasts

An innovative app for the sail racing community, full of features and unique interaction opportunities, helping you form vibrant communities, study the competition, organise your racing team, find crew or a boat to race, understand ORC certificates and much more!

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sloop (from Dutch sloep, in turn from French chaloupe)  is a sailing boat with a single mast and a fore-and-aft rig.

What if I don’t know
anyone sailing near me?

SLOOP can sum up, filter and deliver to you sailing events of different types (races, awards, seminars, social), to help you catch up with the regional sailing community.

What if i don’t have
a yacht to race with?

SLOOP can help you find available crew slots per race, per date (even per racing team!) to experience the thrill and the pleasure of sailing races.

I already have a team!

SLOOP can help you and your team to communicate and get organized for a race, a regatta, some boat work, yacht’s delivery, or just for a coffee catch up, through a simple and straightforward DoI system (Declare of Intention).

What SLOOP can do for me, a yacht’s owner?

SLOOP can help you find a crew and get organized, provide a calendar with all the races and related social events for your team – it even gathers for you vital information prior to a race (weather and wind forecasts, etc.) or during the race (GPS tracking, speed and sailing angles data, etc.).

Our team is
already super-organised!

SLOOP can provide you with a sneak peek to your competitors: polar diagrams, accurate handicap times, ratings, position in a previous race or a regatta, declarations of participating to a specific race, etc.

everything through
a simple and intuitive user experience

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